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Arthritis Pain Relief article by a well known piano man in Australia Subject: Pain Relief for Arthritis, Migraine & Gout sufferers.

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pain relief devices
Pain relief for you may involve professional treatments, massage, herbal remedies, prescription medicines, magnetic bracelets, creams & lotions, or TENS machines with electrodes and sticky pads claimed to help reduce the number of pain messages reaching the brain.

Some of us have now discovered the PAIN GONE PEN. . .
You're a pain sufferer ? Lengthy though this report has become, read it fully because not only will you see a product with a lot going for it, but ...
where can you buy them Cheaper ???

PAIN RELIEF OPTIONS? Yes, there are plenty advertised; But the pain relievers someone else uses won't necessarily provide similar relief for your muscles, the rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis or whatever arthritis pain you are experiencing.

ARTHRITIS TREATMENT? Arthritic Pain Relief is generally inconvenient and just temporary - any arthritis relief you might obtain won't be cheap either.
Arthritis remedies continue to be touted as "arthritus cures", but arthritis treatments may not work unless you're prepared also to change your ways, avoiding foods considered essential by most of us and using expensive supplements as well.

Gout, Neck pain, Leg pain, Shoulder pain, Muscle pain however seem to respond well to self administered pain treatment with TENS devices.
So now, here's an old, piano playing, Gout sufferer's opinion:
Reporting on Arthritis Pain Relief, Migraine Headaches, Gout treatment
and the Pain Gone Pen.

A piano man knows about pain? This document a Memorial to my young brother Brian.
Aged 59, recently unable to stand, crippled with pain; Brian's brain tumor the size of a Tennis ball before the "experts" even bothered looking Up there.   So in a "rehab" ward - where they parked him, Brian would occasionally endure their scheduled, but utterly pointless "in-bed physio": such exercise being left mainly for his wife to monitor anyway.
Staff shortages mean that nurses are simply unavailable when patients' needs are most urgent. Unavoidable that is.
Gentle as a lamb and very shy, good humoured Brian was loved by his friends. He didn't swear, he didn't drink - but he loved a good chat and was easy to be around. The hospital staff however avoided Brian as much as possible -
Always complaining, Always in pain, Always wanting to know "When's the next medication due???"
As for Modern Medicine? For Science? ... Ha !!!   Diagnosed too late, a month later he was dead.
What an awful way to end your days!
Brian had spent sleepless months imprisoned in a hospital bed, tortured by excruciating, unrelenting pain.
Eventually they sent him home to die.   No chemo, no radiation treatment, no hope...

To Brian is now dedicated my review of the Pain Gone Pen: for it brought him some relief at least.

R.I.P. Brian Andrew Mullin : 24th Oct 1948 - 15th Nov 2008

Why buy your Pain Gone Pen here?

1/ you'll have a Reliable supplier; Consistently the lowest prices seen anywhere
2/ You get prompt delivery to wherever you* live . . . and
3/ Your purchase might also help improve conditions for disadvantaged pain sufferers in poorly equipped hospital wards.

And that financial assistance won't cost You a Cent !
I'm donating this month's proceeds from any advertising revenue here on this page.

Those proceeds will benefit hospital patients in similar circumstances ...
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And here's the GOOD NEWS. This form of Pain Relief has become quite affordable!
Back in 2009 prices in the UK fell to around half of what I had paid for my own Pain Gone Pens. *With a relatively small charge being added by certain sellers for overseas delivery, is it any wonder that more than a million pens have been sold?

Compare: Aussies like me were paying $125 locally.
You can have one of these pain relief devices delivered to your door for less than $60.

PAIN. We all live with it, don't we?
In our own lives; Or that of someone close.

Like any serious Piano player, I'm forever checking the condition of my hands. Arthritis in ageing fingers a major fear, naturally.
60 years plus, a little thicker in the knuckles - but so far, so good!

You've probably seen examples of what arthritis can do to our joints?
Hope You can avoid that.

Pain and I aren't exactly strangers. Needed my share of pain relief over the years : Back pains; The agony of Gout; Knee problems lately.
Ten years ago that unwelcome visitor named "Gout" came a-calling on toes and ankles. An arthritic condition, apparently.

Arthritis (Gouty Arthritus)for me occurs on consumption of certain seafood dishes. Tablets help keep my Gout in check, but attacks were severe until the trigger was identified.
Had to give up the shrimp dishes, lobster, those wonderful garlic prawns - and crab, etcetera, etcetera. Sheer Misery that is!
Fish is OK though, so I shouldn't complain.

Compiled whilst Brian was alive, the remainder of this report remains largely unchanged...
pain relief devices
My younger brother and his wife are both invalid pensioners;
At wits' end most of the time coping with limited mobility, weight problems - and forever seeking pain relief for their own arthritis and other problems.

Me ? I'm fine right now!
Out there, competing in various lawn bowls matches, while people around me are limping off to have their leg operations, get prescriptions filled, visiting the doc with their various ailments ...

Arthritis? Muscle pains? Bad Back?
Not me. I now have my Pain Gone Pen !

For me - HEALTH INSURANCE (of sorts)

Know what's good about Lawn Bowls ?
I became interested back in October a few years ago.
She was off on the holiday of a lifetime. Me - I joined the local Bowls Club.
Weighed in at 195 pounds (89kg) !
Christine returns 3 weeks later to find me 16 pounds lighter - yet she's been off vigorously trekking Volcanoes in Indonesia!

Hmmm... And people were worried about My Health ?

Aghast they were, at my dietary regime of fresh fruit and a beer for lunch, can of sardines or salmon on crackers for dinner ...and a glass or 2 of wine, just to keep it "festive".
But look - I'm a whole lot healthier !!!
And surely, it's lawn bowls that did the trick?
I hadn't been very "active" in quite some years.
Just sat at this computer day after day answering emails and phone calls from people seeking advice about pianos.
So Chris gets back to find me tipping the scales at 179 pounds.
By March, another 9 pounds lighter (despite her magificent cooking).

What can I say? Go Try LAWN BOWLS !
Self indulgent? Perhaps it is.
Essential ? Absobloominlutely !!! Vital exercise. "Key to good health". Bowls six days a week for me. Great way to fitness and improved well being. Ask any bowler.
Teenagers & Lawn Bowling ???
Discovering the game at a much younger age, they are.
Busloads of school kids regularly arriving at our club, these days.
And then too, in the warmer months - there's "BAREFOOT BOWLS". And don't they love it ! Imagine; A group of 100 people will stretch any club's resources, but you'll find 130 newbies aged 20, 30, 40 here at 6pm on Fridays... "Rolling Up" until it's just plain Too dark to See.
Pianoman's Seen On TV.

Now then : About this pain relief device that seems to work :

I'm obviously one of the lucky ones.
As children we stood by helplessly, watching our poor mother contend with some ghastly bouts of crippling headaches ... year after rotten year.
Those terrible migraine headaches; On her temples, the distended veins a clear indication of the pain and her wretched state.

During the Fifties, Sixties, early Seventies it was.
Pain relief - in those days? "Take 2 tablets and have a good lie down."
Arthritis? Migraine? Well back then, aspirin was about All you could get.

Age 54 and Mum was gone.
Surviving her by a few years, not such a happy man our Dad.
He could make or fix anything, but gradually worsening arthritis saw Dad constantly flexing his hands, trying to coax some feeling into his fingers.
Arthritis pain, stiff joints, Bursitis. He found reduced mobility more distressing than the pain of arthritis. Never a pill popper, our father put up with his leg and back pains, seldom complaining - but he appreciated our humble efforts at massaging his neck and shoulders.
Retired at age 65 and then he too left us - aged just 67.

Pain Relief Devices & the Future ...
Sought info on the subject of Pain Relief in response to concerns about my wife Christine. As another one of the many unfortunate sufferers, she frequently does battle with her migraine headaches. Around $40 for medication lasting 2 days ... and it seems that's proving less effective as time passes. Neck and back problems, the migraines;
A motor accident some years ago the likely cause.

Pain relief and the " Pain Gone " pen ?
A device new to many countries, has for some years been a big seller in the UK; Invented in Denmark, developed and sold successfully in Europe -

The manufacturer's testimonials are impressive !

They prompted some reading up on "endorphins"; I began taking the pen maker's claims seriously.

Quote: *Endorphins - the body's own "natural" pain killers reduce the transmission of signals between nerve cells, lowering our perception of pain *
Seems they're produced by pituitary gland & hypothalamus and Endorphin release is stimulated by exercise.
(Got me wondering however; How does one manaqe to "Exercise" when pain has you in its grip?)

Enter the Pain Gone pen!

Well - it looks sort of like "a fat pen".
Interesting little device. I love it ...
Easy to use. You just point it gently at the pain spot, click it a few times and you'll feel a little spark as it electronically stimulates the nerve endings.
Doesn't hurt. Well - a little jolt perhaps. Most people giggle and say "Oooh"!
The pen delivers a controlled electronic frequency straight to the point of pain.
The pain goes away. Can take a few minutes - hours or perhaps days ... depends on the person using it and the type of pain, I guess.
Every time for me, it has been virtually instant relief!
Pain Gone pen & me - your pale skinned Aussie Bowler ... what a Suntan !

Apparently your brain gets the message and responds by sending endorphins to the affected area.
It's described as a "unique form of TNS (Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulation) THERAPY".

I saw the advert in a Bowls magazine and was immediately attracted by their 60 day money back guarantee.
("If it doesn't work, send it back!") Drove for miles and gladly paid the man.
125 DOLLARS it cost me! You won't need to pay so much.

Now then, what if the pen works for you and not your other half (or vice versa)?
It's claimed to be effective in 92% of cases.
"Clinically tested" - "proven to work" - Hospitals report "encouraging results"
Gout tablets alone used to cost me $30 month!

The Clincher for Me? A respected medical doctor/author's Unpaid endorsement :

"Best pain relief device I have used in 15 years" ... He says that Every Home Should Have One

So We Got One!

Christine's not easily convinced - even though her neck and back pain are significantly reduced after just one day and she wakes up next morning feeling a whole lot better. Chris is not sure the device is responsible.
Prefers to think that her improvement "would have happened anyway". Who knows ?

4 days go by ... Christine decides she'd like
"One of my own, please"; "To take to work"; "For my bag - in case I get a headache".     pain relief

pain free And me? I think our Pain ® Gone pens are quite amazing. Any pain spot found gets zapped with my neat little "endorphins stimulator" - and for me, the results are pretty near immediate.
After some months even the old, deformed, gout affected Big toe is more flexible than it's been in years!
Numerous bowlers at my club are now using their own Pain Gone pens, I have requested testimonials and hope to publish them shortly.

For Australia, NZ special Pain ® Gone prices
EMAIL OZPIANOMAN (using "pgpen" as subject )

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More than just Arthritis and pain relief...
Internationally: The Best PAIN GONE Prices ???
Can't say for sure; See below. Perhaps you'll find them Cheaper ... hopefully the order will get delivered.
COMPARE. Elsewhere they seem to be drastically dearer or shipping costs a lot more.

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Disclaimer ...

This report and product review provided by Colin K Mullin of 27a Cliff Road Frankston, Victoria.

I'm no medical expert - simply a positive thinker with a few good years left (I hope). I'm not too familiar with various countries' approval or otherwise of such pain relief devices.
You're welcome to contact me personally regarding Gout treatment, the Pen or my appraisal and promotion of products designed to improve wellbeing and provide Pain Relief ...

Phone: (03) 9783 6439
International: +61.397836439


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